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Whole, Fresh, Clean Recipes Your Family Will Love!

Pay attention! This section is for everyone who LOVES to eat! That’s me and my family, all right! Shop the perimeter of the store and eat nothing from a package. Do you think gluten-free, low-carb whole, fresh, clean food is boring and tasteless? Not so! We love tasty, flavorful food that’s quick and easy to prepare. Check out the ‘Food Swaps’ category here so you know how to swap out unhealthy processed, packaged food for healthy whole, fresh, clean food in your recipes. You can turn any recipe into a healthy one with a few food swaps.  Below you will find links to some Featured Recipes that I’ve been working on recently. However, click on the categories on the left to find ALL the recipes on this site.  I hope you enjoy making them!

Featured Recipes

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